Another Chinese Network copying BBC News countdown, this time a local station did it

Starting 2009 as my first post tells the story of a Chinese local TV network copying design of Austalian ABC News, with a unrepentant and shameless reply, a couple of articles related to the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network appeared on my blog in the past two years. This time, as same as 2012 (the 2013 article is about using anime music on news clips for several years), the Beeb – is the rip-off’s origin.

Find the difference between the Beeb (above) and Local News (below)!

Titles and “countdowns” (actually promos) of the Guangzhou broadcaster’s local news bulletin had been copied from the current BBC News countdown, sharing similarities with design, scenes and music, which the original version is composed by David Lowe, whom also composed for the CCTV, which the China’s state broadcaster used to copied the BBC countdown in 2009. Once I search the web for the producer of this promo: a Beijing-based company call Bluesea, and find some of their worksincluding this promo and an unaired version (3 links above are in Chinese).

As the first article I mentioned above,
its Chinese version quoted as “The plagiarism of the Guangzhou broadcaster has been started from debut launch”, meaning the network rarely having self-creation into its design, without any complaints about plagiarism of any type from viewers.

When the Chinese TV networks will self-creating or let individual designers to create, and stop plagiarism? Only time will know.

Comparison videos can show the rip-off version is not just ripped one scene shown in fig 1:
The Original
The Rip-off (courtesy of viewers)


How a Southern Chinese TV Network is Using Anime Background Music, Excessively and Rapidly

Originally Written in Chinese by me at March 2013, updated at 5 April 2015

The Guangzhou Broadcasting Network is getting nerdier. Or is it? But if it is, they won’t admit it. As about 2008, when the Vocaloid hit Ievan Polkka started to being heard nationally through radio and TV, and eventually played in half time period during the 2010 Asian Games, the network’s prime time newscast has been added two sketches-based segments, one satires social issues, one teaching Cantonese culture. And both segments are filled with background music and chatter. Some of these music is from an anime. After I watch these segments and the animes which the segments’ music used from, I decided to tell the people about it. Since these segments canceled, some anime’s music can be heard on both regular and showbiz news, even the “on the road” segments where female reporters discover traditional culture, community events and leisure spots across Guangzhou and beyond. Sounds like a soft news magazine. But not just these: an instrumental version of the Vocaloid hit Senbon Sakura was played during holiday recommendations report; the theme of Attack on Titan is played in background on another news bulletin of the network, when the anime is still airing in Japan.

Back to ’08, there’s also discussions about this issue on the web (Chinese link), and still continuing through social media ever since. But no one at the network is have their words say. Until 2013.

A reporter of the network told me that playing background music in a news item may implies opinions. And its prime time news host (he’s had sang St Seiya’s theme when the news team is promoting at a theme park), reply me with “It’s OK to put any music into news as an ‘enhancing tool’ to express feelings of the editor”. Agree him? Not me, or if I meet him, I will say “go fuck yourself you ass-licking bitch!”, because he’s not just defending its news editors itself, but other networks which also used anime music as they played in background.

These anime soundtrack are used by the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network’s local news bulletins in various times, heard by me, which these tracks can be found at YouTube, SoundCloud, or other sites with a help from search engine.

Lucky Star:

Skip Skip dayo: used once for pre-lunar new year segment.

Bubbu Bubbu Budane: used frequently at a satire sketch segment, occasionally played with other ACG-related music.

The K-ON Franchise:

Have Some Tea: used once for traffic related news.

Morning Dew: used once for pre-lunar new year segment.

軽い冗談 (Karui Joudan): used excessively on showbiz related news.

Hayate the Combat Butler:

暢気 (Nonki): used rapidly at a satire sketch segment. After the segment canceled, the track can be heard at some stories.

浪花 (Naniwa): used several times at “On the Road” segment. Its competitor from the same road – Radio Television Guangdong – used once in its programme.

悠々 (Yuuyuu): used once for parks management related news.

温柔 (Onjuu): used once on the “celebrity face swap” story.

The Bunny Drop:

訪れた変化 (Otozureta Henka): used once at a special report.

大吉とりん (Daikichi to Rin): used once at a special report.

別れ (Wakare): used once for cemetery related news.

別れ2 (Wakare 2): used several times at different news items.

朝ご飯 (Asa Gohan): used several times at different news items. The Chinese version of Bet on Your Baby by CCTV and a talk show hosted by a transgender celeb on Shanghai’s Dragon TV has used this track as well.

コウキのテーマ (Kouki no Theme): used once on foodie’s attractions.

お出掛け (Odekake): used several times at “On the Road” segment.

触れ合い (Fureai): used once at a special report.

Maid Sama:

美咲順調マーチ (Misaki Junchou March): used on a report about health issues. A Public Service Announcement produced by the Guangzhou Underground used the track as well (PS – a Cantonese version of the PSA is also uploaded to Sina Video by the underground company, but since the Middle Kingdom’s net censors cracked down Sina Video, the video disappears with thousands of user-uploaded videos, leaving a series of videos uploaded by the site. This is the Mandarin version of the PSA, no English subs, but it’s centred on safety issues).

P.S. – Guangzhou is one of the Chinese cities being named “City of Exampling Copyright Protection”. Not anymore if the Network did this a lot without acquiring the rights (and maybe end up with lawsuits).

In Conclusion

Although the network’s case is just a tip of an iceberg, meaning more networks is joining the line-up of using anime and game soundtracks from background, until those from network doe not know the origin of the soundtrack, their thoughts and their standards, the nerds will not stop talking about it.

Southern China’s TV Channel is Taking clips of BBC’s London Olympics Promo

Yesterday (24 July 2012) I was watching local news of where I live and suddenly the promo of the local news’ Olympics Coverage shows up on 6:30pm bulletin, and I was surpised. But this promo is not airing in the next day, until I saw it on the primetime bulletin. Probably it will run a lot until London Olympics’ Closing Day.

vlcsnap-2012-07-25-16h39m57s138 vlcsnap-2012-07-25-16h39m19s252

Wait a minute… is that the BBC’s London Olympics Promo? Why does it come up here? (Original Snapshot Below, Copyright: BBC)

Local News’ promo on Olympics Coverage
BBC’s London Olympics Promo
BBC’s London Olympic Torch Relay Promo

China’s TV Channels is Copying New Design of Australian ABC News

As ABC News in Australia changed its news design in July 2010, along with its new channel ABC News 24, does it mean it will not be ripped off by other networks? No.

In 2 years after watching the new design on the web, I found many “doppellgangers”, including the CCTV, and the rest of them is the local networks from all parts of China.

Pics below.

Compare with the Originals with SZMG Shenzhen (Opener scene one):



Compare with the Originals with CCTV News, Guangzhou TV and SZMG Shenzhen (Opener scene two):





Compare with the Originals with Guangzhou TV and SZMG Shenzhen (Title):




Compare with the Originals with ZTRG Zhejiang (Ticker, namecard):



Compare with the Originals with FSTV Foshan (Promo, Title)



Compare with the Original promo with CCTV-4 News Promo:


And… Is that “Your Eye on Asia”, the NHK World’s slogan?! You’re wrong.


“Your Link to Asia”… More like “Your Link to Beijing” instead!

Also on the other side of CCTV, a in-depth news programme named “The Insight” had been ripped ABC off, from Background jingle to Opening Design!


Video link (except the Shenzhen one which took an hour to record but failed):


CCTV’s “The Insight” Opener

CCTV-4 News Promo

CCTV News Promo

The Guangzhou Rip-off

The Zhejiang Rip-off

The Foshan Rip-off

Southern China’s TV Channel is Copying Old Design of Australian ABC News

(This post is originally written in Chinese by me, but I wanna show this to Australian readers and people around the world.)

Update at 22 June 2012: the workers at the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network told me this (originally in Chinese):

“We always copying each other, but most importantly we’re glad to having a different content.”

Wait a minute… Are they meaning they know they are copying the Australians, but they won’t change it? Have some creative mind, mate!

It all start in 1988, the born of the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network, which the name is still “Guangzhou TV” at that time. They start their broadcast with local news, local-produced dramas, and of course, beauty pageant that totally rip-off from Miss Hong Kong. Then in a few years at 1993, Guangzhou Cable TV launched with more programming like sport. Then in 2001, Guangzhou Cable TV and Guangzhou TV merge into Guangzhou Television, and became the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network as we know today on 2010.

But the following words will may found shock on the readers, as its first logo is a rip-off from NBC, its second logo looks like mixing logos like AT&T and Red Dot Awards! And to its third logo – I don’t know want to say after it looks like… Miro!

Here are some pictures comparing with original ones and rip-off ones: (snapshot of GZTV News are snapped at October 2009, where the rip-off begins)




And finally, something different:



Australian Network Alternatives
The Chinese Rip-off

Thanks to John Beohm for supporting the post.

In the next time, I’ll show you some Chinese rip-offs of the Australian ABC News design that lanuch at July 2010!

My Way(献给广州创文)


原曲:My Way
原唱:Frank Sinatra


And now 柒头 is near
And so I face the final 仆街
My Friend
They said I’m Shit
I’ll state my case
Of which I’m certain
I’ve lived a life that’s full
I’ve walked each and every dirty street
And more
Much more than this
I’ll give a 屌
And then again
Too few to mention
I did
What I have to 屌
And saw it though
Without exception
I plan each piss and shits
Each trash bombs
Among the highway
And more
Much more than this
Yes there were times
I’m sure you knew
When I bit off
More than I could chew
But through it all
When there was doubt
I ate it up
And spit it out
I face it all
And I stood tall

I’ve fucked
I’ve dumped and pissed
I have the feud
Of smashing windows
And now
As windows broke
I find it all
So fradile
To think
They did all that
And they will say
In a very shy way
We will
Be response to this
For what is a man
What has they got
If not themselves
Then they has not
To say the things
They truly feels
And not the words
Of one they kneels
The record shows
They took the blows



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